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I./RGT. 132 Erkennungsmarke


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Very interesting German Dogtag of a regiment that fought in Poland,France,Russland (Stalingrad), Belgium and Italy (Monte Casino)
The soldier of this EKM was in Infanterie Regiment 132. A regiment that was formed in 1938 in Vienna from soldiers of the Austia Bundesheeres. This regiment saw actions on a lot different fronts under the command of the 44. Infanterie Division. In 1939 - Poland, 1940 - France, 1941 - Russia (Start 22 june) Cholm, Kiew, Belgorod, Charkow and Stalingrad where most of the 44 Inf. Div. was destroyed. In the summer of 1943 parts that survived Stalingrad formed the 44. Reichsgrenadier-Division Hoch und Deutschmeister. This Division was formed in Belgium and was later send to Nord-Italy and in November 1943 until Januari 1944 saw action in Monte Casino. The last months of the war they where stationed in Austria. 
A very interesting dogtag in overall good conidition. I looks like there was some writing on it, done by a collector, but its Hardly visible. 

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